Overpopulation in urban areas essay

Because of the sudden rise in population, the Chinese decided to implement the One-child policy in 1979. Many cities do not have the means to handle the charge of rubbish casting away by its habitants which lead to unclean cities. To handle the garbage flowing in streets they should sort out rubbish they throw away. This has caused various issues application that need to be tackled by both governments and individuals. Each country deals with the issue by implementing different laws to help reduce their overall population. Ielts essay about quality of life in cities. To tackle these issues, suburb developments and infrastructural changes will be analysed for viability. Since pollution can grow in the coming years, they need to ensure that appropriate actions are taken to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. Moreover, with the government relocating industrial and economic zones as well as investing more toin remote areas, more job opportunities will be created and living standard will be greatly improved. Hence, cities have become overcrowded, which in turn has resulted in many hardships for their dwellers. It is argued that high costs of living and rising transport difficulties are two of the most serious problems brought about by overpopulation in cities. Although the law essay helped in the population aspect, the policy also had negative results. The most important one is traffic congestion which is a direct consequence of the rise in urban population. India also fails to recognize the importance of family planning and birth control which could help the issue of overpopulation significantly. Ielts essay: Problems and solutions - overpopulation

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overpopulation in urban areas essay

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The United States Is Already overpopulated (2009). Written by - chino bouquets. As is clear, setting-up of housing communities outside of city limits and establishment of alternative means of transport are effective ways to counter the negative ramifications of overpopulations in cities. Family Planning In India, india had a long history of famine. Band 9 essay about poor quality of life in cities. This is my ielts essay. Although India is still working toward stabilizing the countrys birth rate, they are getting to their goal. Toefl listening lectures: A lecture from a social science class (2). They should work together to reduce the inconveniences caused. Ielts student Essay: overpopulation

  • Overpopulation in urban areas essay
  • Overpopulation of population in the urban areas overpopulation in urban sprawl, we must acknowledge that there is living in urban sprawl has led to numerous problems that essay guide.
  • Was looking for free example, traffic jams, economic and on playing basketball essay : essay questions with the boil.
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Ielts essay sample consequences of overpopulation

Overpopulation in Urban Areas. Throughout the world different areas experience underpopulation and overpopulation at different times due to the unpredictable and complex practise of migr.

More people want to move from rural area to urban area because. Overpopulation of urban areas. Home / Writing feedback /. Overpopulation ; Effects and. Overpopulation in India was caused by the lack of education in protection. In his essay the Principle.

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  • Overpopulation in urban areas essay
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    2 (permalink) tue apr 24, 2012 23:02 pm Re: overpopulation in urban areas, hi, i think your essay is excellent. You have correctly addressed the prompt and given adequate reasons and examples.

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    Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle.

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    Ielts essay sample consequences of overpopulation in urban areas. More and more people are moving to urban areas? Overpopulation in cities and towns causes.

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